Myths of the Press Release

We are caught up in a world of media and the press release magic.  A singer hones her talent for years, writes world-class songs, with a performance that brings you to your feet. She records a demo and places it on iTunes, and distributes it to recording companies. She receives rave reviews, gets a contract, […]

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Press Release

How to Write A Newsworthy Press Release

Press Release Content Move over Wendy, Katie and Kim! If you thought sending a Press release is an exercise just for big corporations and celebrities, you’re wrong. Press releases help to build your online footprint and direct attention back to you and your brand. Online press releases are distributed to websites that will create links […]

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Send Press-Releases

Are You Newsworthy? Send Press Releases

Send Press Releases if you want to spread your good news, attract attention to your products & services or get more traffic to your website. Editors exchange volumes of facts daily to compile news reports for television, newspapers, magazines, and online blogs and online e-zines. The biggest kept secret is where they get those facts. […]

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Building Brand Authority on LinkedIn

Building Brand Authority on LinkedIn starts by participating in groups on LinkedIn. A really exciting and useful aspect of LinkedIn is the groups. The group networks are where you can build your brand authority by communicating with colleagues who are in the same business as you, or where you can give advice and establish yourself […]

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How to write a Press Release

Steps To Write Lead Generating Advertising

Taking the steps to creating lead generating advertising and promotion can be intimidating. Let’s face it we all would love to be an advertiser whose company name is splashed all over the tv to promote sales.  Or better yet, who wouldn’t want to see their product viewed on the big screen for that matter. Small […]

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